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Mechanical Compliance Engineer Operations 

The Operations Department plans, co-ordinates, schedules, implements and reports on the production and operation of the company’s manned and non-manned offshore oil and gas assets.

This includes identifying, prioritising and mitigating operational and HSEQ risk. Through their work, they ensure that contractual production targets and operates in accordance with all relevant international and national legislation and regulations, including Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ).

Job Summary:

This role of Mechanical Compliance Engineer Operations exists to maintain and co-ordination of inspections of the offshore pressure containing equipment and systems in accordance with the relevant legislative requirements and implemented RBI (Risk Based Inspection) system. The role holder prepares the inspection plans for offshore pressure containing equipment, supervising RBI inspection plans and inspection personnel, in line with the overall maintenance objectives, planning, budget and MMS, in order to maximise reliability and availability of the equipment and reduce costs while complying with applicable legislative requirements, existing procedures and standards, including HSEQ.


1. Work programme / Maintenance Planning - Plan, prepare and coordinate maintenance or inspection work programmes for planned and unplanned maintenance & inspections of pressure containing equipment, in liaison with the applicable authorities, IVB (Independent Verification Body) and Vendors. Complete work scope documents, material specifications pressure containing equipment, scheduling of vendors and materials, so that the offshore technicians have the relevant information to execute the work safely and efficiently after it has been approved by the Maintenance Superintendent and the Offshore Installation Manager. Provide technical support to the mechanical department when required.

2. Troubleshooting Assistance - Perform root cause analysis of pressure containing equipment failures in co-operation with the relevant authorities or external expertise. Contact vendors and give technical advice based on experience, in order to resolve situations quickly and reduce the impact of consequences.
3. Technical Coaching - Keep abreast of developments on RBI and mechanical maintenance techniques and methods and share these within the maintenance team.
4. Administration - Ensure administration of the RBI system and all relevant inspection findings into the Maintenance Management System and RBI System, in line with operating procedures and formats, to ensure the availability and accuracy of information during inspections and maintenance activities.
5. RBI System - Ensure that RBI system remains up to date, i.e. Implementation of existing and new pressure containing equipment. Review and execute inspection plans by RBI System.
6. General Support - On request, support the Maintenance Team in daily activities, in order to enable them to focus on their main responsibilities and contribute to timely and accurate delivery of maintenance activities.
7. Health, Safety, Environment and Quality - Comply with HSEQ procedures, rules and regulations and contribute to building the awareness of other personnel in- and outside the department in order to maintain a safe and healthy working environment and make continuous improvements.

Key Contacts/Relationships:

Internal: Offshore Technicians and Operations and Maintenance Team

External: Vendors in the E&P industry and UK and NL authorities, notified bodies and IVB

Job challenges:

• Prioritise inspection and maintenance activities of pressure containing equipment
• Preparation of a optimised inspection plan in accordance with the RBI requirements
• Maintain RBI system up to date, in line with the changing plant conditions throughout the field life’s


• Vocational level, Inspection Engineering
• Minimum of 5 years experience in offshore E&P industry
• Knowledge of inspection strategies
• Experience with RBMI
• Good interpersonal, communication, organisational skills

Location: Amsterdam and UK

Qualifications/Training: MTS N4 and IKT II

Notes: This Job & Person Profile can be subject to review annually. All employees are expected to be flexible and undertake additional duties commensurate with the overall responsibilities of the job, and that are within their competence, when required.

Information: Niels Martens | 06-13146531 | niels@techniekrecruiter.nl

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Mechanical Compliance Engineer Operations

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